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Real Estate Law

The term ‘Real estate’ stands for land, Including the air above it and the ground below it, And any buildings or structures on it. It covers residential housing, Commercial offices, trading spaces such as Theatres, hotels and restaurants, retail outlets, Industrial buildings such as factories and Government buildings. Real estate involves the Purchase, sale, and development of land, residential And non-residential buildings.

Real estate law is the set of rules enforced by the real estate legal authority. Real estate law regulates the working of real estate property. It regulates the disposition of the overall property.

We provide legal advice while dealing with real estate matters, which represents property buyers, sellers, and lesser in real estate proceedings and transactions.

We have a distinct reputation for expertise in the field of consumer protection litigation and covering various other legal aspects of mortgages, foreclosures and leases.

Most of the cases in this section involve wrongful conduct of insurance and finance companies which we have been able to bring justice.

We provide careful legal advice during a real estate transaction which may help protect you against future financial and legal liability.

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